How is my food grown, cooked and ingested?

Does it matter?

Food is the key to health, sustainability and inner peace.
But these are deep waters...
Join us in a delicate study of diet, agriculture and the psychology of food.
grocery store
A new way of bringing food to your table –
foods you might not see in the store.
Foods bringing you health and vitality,
produced near you by the Food Lovin Community.
Learn what it takes – it's not that much.
Grow food at home, wherever you live – efficiently.
vertical farm
Bountiful buckets
Grow mushrooms in a drawer
Vertical farms
Bountiful buckets
Get creative!
Cow and calf
Taking a courageous look at animals and food.
A sensitive subject to be sure, but taking a look can't hurt.
Welcome to a platform that doesn't judge or turn a blind eye –
we study intricate webs no one quite seems to understand.

What we
work towards


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Contemplating dietary choices can be a delicate matter. It's all deeply personal, and following the latest trends can be daunting. That's why our community of experts and practitioners perfectly tailors product and diet recommendations to your needs.


Eat with the Food Lovin Community

Food can be a conduit for the inner peace you seek. The form and spirit with which farmers, distributors and cooks bring food to your plate can change everything. Eat from our products and restaurants, and taste the difference.


Heralding a new reality

To study food is to study our relationship with the Mother. As we become more sensitive to the limits of the world around us, we will invariably transition from old currents of hatred to a new paradigm, where all food is produced with peace and wisdom.

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Eating better – it’s subtle, but how we grow, cook and ingest food changes everything.